Visionary Dreams

This is a presentation of Visionary dreams, gifted to dreamers (and Dream Network) around the world and offered here, anonymously, as guidance for us.
(Thanks to dreamer Leiah Bowden for gifting us with this evocative title.)

In my dream, I heard a song....

“I'm your friend forever, if you will only follow me.”

In 1992, we put out a request in the Dream Network to all readers. It read:
“Dream Network has created a repository and collection point for your Visionary Dreams, those dreams gifted for the larger human and Earth community. Have you had dreams or visions that you knew, intuitively, were gifted to be shared with others? Dreams that you know have significance to more than just yourself? Here is the place to share them.

What piece of the puzzle do you hold?”
Over the next 2 or 3 years, dreamers from all around the country sent in written expressions of dreams of this nature. One woman whom we had not heard from before, submitted several of her extraordinary visions and finished her letter by apologizing for taking so much of our time! She had never shared her dreams with anyone before! Some of them were over a decade old, yet extremely timely and significant even today.
The results, when looking at ALL the dreams that had been submitted, were awesome! What took shape was a Story that had four distinct 'chapters' and which became the centerpieces for each issue of Dream Network in 1995.

These  visions,  timelessly significant, are reprinted anonymously with the dreamer's permission, from our exceptional feature, Dreaming Humanity's Path.

We encourage you to submit -- and and allow us to publish -- your visionary dreams. We ask here that YOU participate!  We believe that critical information is being imparted to dreamers in various parts of the world that once 'merged' together, will comprise the next chapters in our collective journey.

Read Dr. Russell Lockhart's Whispers and Murmurs , a soulful reflection on our experience,  Dreaming Humanity's Path.

Please contribute to this ongoing endeavor.  It doesn't matter whether the dream that comes to mind as you read this, came 10 or even 20 years ago... or one that you grandparent shared with you when you were a child.

DreamTime does not obey the same laws of time-space as we experience it in waking reality!
Have you ever had a dream that you just couldn't keep to yourself?
You knew, intuitively, that it wanted -- Needed -- to be shared?

Share Your Visionary 'Big' Dream here, now!

Here are examples of the crucial information gifted us in these Visionary Dreams:

In our dreams....

1: Signs in the Sky: A Giant Wheel Turning
2: More Signs in the Sky

Two Anonymous Dreamers

The New Earth

The Earth is a Native American Woman

The Power of the Dark Force


The New Wave

An Avenue of Safety

Protect the Children
During this Period of Trial & Crisis


See the Wounded Children

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