Dream Sharing

Greetings Friends and Fellow Dream Advocates,

The articles on this page respond to some of the most frequently asked questions about the dreaming experience and additionally cover basic information most of you need to know as you continue your own Journey Within.

Please remember that we are fortunate today to have an abundance of good books, journals and individuals knowledgeable in helping us to awaken to the value of our dreams. In each issue of the Dream Network Journal is a listing of over 50 Networkers & their contact information. Call one or more of them today! Visit your local library or go to your nearest bookstore and ask to be guided to what is available.... You will be guided to what you need.

Blessed Dreaming to You...  Roberta Ossana

Ethics to Employ in DreamSharing,
Dreamwork and Dreamplay

Developing Dreamsharing Relationships
and/or Dream Groups

Dream Sharing Credo
This is excerpted from a paper read at a meeting of the new Latin-American poets -- and a few young North Americans -- in Mexico City.  —Author, unknown

Dream Sharing Ethics
Submitted by various DreamWorkers throughout the USA
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