Dreams & 9.11 Awesome, Noreen Wessling, Milford, OH
"The latest issue DN is awesome. One of my dream group people got his copy... "

The Best Dream Resource - Ever! Marlene King, Murphy, OR
"In my file are Dream Network Journals dates from 1982... "

Relationship Booklet—GREAT! Sue Grossman, WA
"I’ve already read the Relationship Booklet and it is really great! In fact, I like the author Janice Baylis’,,, "

Why We Need to Support Dream Network, Robert Moss, Troy, NY
"Dream Network magazine is a treasure, a gift to dreamers everywhere.. "

Dreaming Up DNJ, Curtiss Hoffman, Ashland, MA
"As soon as I saw the cover of the latest issue of DNJ, I realized that I was in for a special treat! "

Enjoyed Music Theme, Harry Bosma
"I enjoyed the music theme very much, in particular the article by Amy Mindell... "

Just Had to Have It! Kevin Shlosberg, Boonton, NJ
"I found the Dream Network in a delightful little coffeehouse and just had to have it.. "

Current Issue, a Masterpiece! Charles De Beer, So. Africa
"So much in it that resonates in my heart... "

Discovered Treasure, Donna Burks, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
"Thank you for the exciting and unique content of Dream Network and for your integrity... "

Out of the Hat?, Art Funkhouser, Switzerland
" How you manage to pull something so wonderful out of your hat each quarter is beyond me... "

Hope for Growth, Sandy Steckling, Kingston, WA
" I love the Dream Network Journal and the work you all do. I hope it continues to grow.. "

Keeps Getting Better, Frances Ring, Waialua, HI
"Once again, congratulations on another superb issue! They just keep getting better and better, deeper... "

Praise for Dream Network, Charles De Beer, South Africa
"These issues, again, are beautifully produced, will be read with much interest; the articles are fascinating and instructive...."

Dreams’ Relationship to Mythology, Frances Ring, Hawaii
"Stanley Krippner is a “dreamwork hero” of mine! I look forward to musing over the article, “Dreams as a Mirror of Change”...

Dreamsharing Booklet Insightful, Carelyn Parr, Utah
"Your outline for the dream class will be wonderfully helpful."

Henry Reed, Mouth of Wilson, VA
"Today Dream Network is THE magazine to refer to for what is happening in today's world of dreams... "

Thank You for Closure to 9-11, Mildred Rosario, Puerto Rico
"I would like to thank you for the marvelous closure you gave 9-11. The articles were wonderful... "

Father Joseph Sedley, C.P. Shrewsbury, MA
“I have conducted a seminar each week for men and women....

Scott N. Chicago, IL
�I was quite a surprised to find an intelligent publication focused on dreaming....

Bonnie B. Jacobson, Rock Hill, S.C.
“It both surprises and pleases me that there is so much information about dreams .....

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